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At Country Co. we value the essence of home baked goods and the love they provide in finding connection, togetherness and contentment. 



Catering Packages

Canapés, Buffets, Build Your Own Bars, Salads & Desserts

Explore our diverse range of catering packages designed to suit all events from weddings, events, celebrations or workplace functions. Customise your experience with our packages including canapés, buffets, build your own buffets, salads and desserts. Making your event unforgettable, our packages are available for onsite set up with our beautiful rustic farmhouse style platters and serveware. 


Canapé Packages

Our Canapé packages are perfect for pre meals at weddings or to have available as guests arrive at your event. A light entree, or make it a meal in itself, our packages have multiple options for you to select from to best suit your requirements.

Buffet Packages

Our Buffet Packages have a range of options from cold meat buffets to "The Works" buffet with hot meals, salads, meats, buns and sides as well as options in between. Beautiful home cooked meals, delicious sides and salads. Suitable for weddings, events and celebrations as lunch or evening meals. 

Build Your Own Buffet Bars

A fun, interactive way for guests to "feed" themselves and personalise their meal. Taco bars, nacho bars, mediterranean bowls, burger bars, hot dog bars and more. 

Salads Only Packages

Perhaps you've got a BBQ prepared already and just looking for some salads to help ease the load? This is the menu for you. 

Dessert Packages

Personalise dessert with your selections at your event. Add on to other packages or have on its own. 

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