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Legal Stuff

Your safety is important to us. 

Country Co. has sought legal advice to ensure the safety and correct labelling of the oven gloves are met through New Zealand regulatory law. 

Section 6 of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 provides that: “Where goods are supplied to a consumer there is a guarantee that the goods are of acceptable quality.”

 The Consumer Guarantees Act defines products which are of acceptable quality as goods which are fit for purpose, acceptable in appearance and finish, free from minor defects, are safe and durable. There is a general legal requirement that all products sold in New Zealand should be safe. 


Product safety standards are put in place by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs under section 29 of the Fair Trading Act 1986. There are currently seven mandatory product safety standard regulations in New Zealand. They are for: a. Baby Walkers; b. Children’s Nightwear; c. Children’s Toys; d. Cigarette Lighters; e. Household Cots; f. Pedal Bicycles; and g. Sunscreen. 5. We confirm that oven gloves are not specifically regulated.

Further to our research of the Standards New Zealand website, we confirm there are no New Zealand or Australian standards which apply specifically to domestic oven gloves

Following this, we have considered the legal British Standard 6526:1998 specifications for our gloves materials and makeup. 

The Consumer Information Standards (Care Labelling) Regulations 2000 provides regulations for certain textile and other goods. The Regulations set the AS/NZS 1957:1998 Textiles – Care: Labelling as the official standard for care labelling. Country Co. has followed this Standard and you will find a permanent care label on the back inside pocket of each pair of gloves. This label specifies the cleaning and care instructions to ensure the longevity of your gloves. The label also specifies the place of production and materials used. Please follow this label carefully to ensure the safety and quality of your product remains in tact. 

Country Co. Boutique Kitchen Limited will not be responsible for any injuries or misuse caused by the gloves and the resulting impacts these may have. Oven gloves are designed to bring items from a moderate oven promptly to a safe bench space. They are not designed to hold hot items for excessive time periods. Oven gloves may become flammable if exposed to direct flame. Care should be taken at all times around hot temperatures. 

All of our gloves have a detachable safety card when gloves are first purchased which warns customers of the potential hazards when using the gloves. This is to be read and understood before use.

In the event of a dispute arising, Country Co. will work to resolve any issues accordingly. 

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