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Boutique Bakery and Catering Services

NZ Made, Individually Handcrafted Double Oven Gloves

Creating togetherness through comfort and contentment. A feeling to be shared, always.


Our Range

At Country Co. we are dedicated to creating goods that bring comfort and connection to the heart of the home. We value the importance of friends and family coming together over good food and warm memories. Our mission is to provide oven gloves that not only protect and serve their practical function, but also embody warmth and coziness within the home. We value the essence of home baked goods and the love they provide in finding connection, comfort and contentment. We believe in fostering an atmosphere of love and togetherness through the simple act of gathering around the kitchen and enjoying great meals. By embracing these core values, we strive to create love and happiness for everyone that uses our products - gloves and food alike.

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Boutique Bakery and Catering Services

What we Offer: Our commercial kitchen sets the core to what we do. Some of our specialties include, but are not limited to: 

  • Special Events and Celebrations

  • Workplace shouts, Functions, Meetings, and Events

  • Corporate Gifting and Personal Gifting - Via our Boutique Bakery page for online orders


Our Difference


NZ Made

We believe in keeping our production on shore in our beautiful country.

Individually Handcrafted

We believe in keeping each stage of our production handmade rather than bulk machine made.

Environmentally Sustainable

We believe in using materials that offer environmental sustainability. All of our offcuts are donated to people in need to re-use and makes us next to zero waste.

Premium Qualities

We believe in using materials that facilitate longevity, durability and your safety.

Our Materials

We aspire to utilise the best quality materials we can source to contribute to a premium product with a point of difference to other standard oven gloves. While our gloves feature beautiful designs, there are more features than meet the eye within the gloves that provide for sustainable production, using natural fibres for safety and durability. The use of bamboo and 100% cotton have been carefully selected for their fast growing, renewable nature with soft and breathable properties to facilitate heat resistance.

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Bamboo/Cotton wadding is made of natural, sustainable fibres. Bamboo provides antibacterial properties, is insulative and is useful against sensitive skin, while cotton helps absorb excess moisture to prevent heat travelling through the gloves to your hands.

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 4.24.49 PM.png

Premium quality thick Metalized Polyester is used primarily for heat resistance. Metalized fibres do create a crinkly noise to the material but provide optimum heat resistance.

Our Upcoming Events

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Join us at Waihi Bech Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am-12pm


From Our Home To Yours

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Our Designs

All unique in patterns and colours, our range of double oven gloves are often limited to small numbers per design. While no two often look alike, the variation within the range provides flexibility to find a design that suits every cook, kitchen or home. Perfect for gift ideas or to add a personable and country flare to every kitchen. Made using natural fibres with premium qualities. Discover what designs you love in our range.

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