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Our Difference

At Country Co. our mission is around creating warmth and contentment, fostering an atmosphere of love and togetherness. We believe in the power of quality craftsmanship in every creation. To us, true quality is not just a measure of durability, but also a reflection of the care and passion put into each piece. Learn what makes us unique below. 

Sewing Machine

Individually Handcrafted

Each pair of our oven gloves are lovingly handcrafted, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and dedication. From the intricate details to the impeccable finishes, our commitment to artisanal excellence shines through in every item we offer, imbued with an touch machine made products can not achieve. 

Environmentally Sustainable

We hold a deep respect and for the environment and our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in everything we do. From our choice of materials to our production methods, we strive to minimise our impact on the planet. 

We take pride in using naturally produced sustainable materials, including the use of bamboo and 100% cotton. Chosen for their fast growing, renewable nature, with soft and breathable properties, cotton and bamboo are naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and facilitate heat resistance.

Cotton Plant
Screen Shot 2023-07-02 at 12.33.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-02 at 12.33.37 PM.png

NZ Made 

The roots to where we began. When we went to purchase a new pair of oven gloves, we noticed that nearly everything available on the market was made offshore, in a bulk machine like setting. There wasn't any 'feeling' of love or togetherness from the gloves available and the designs on the gloves were far from showcasing your kitchen, talents or hobbies. 

Our range features a unique set of designs, where each piece shares a story inspired by our land. Be it on the farm or the beach, our pieces are different to anything else. 

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