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Our Range

NZ Made

We believe in keeping our production on shore in our beautiful country.

We have the largest selection of oven gloves to choose from in NZ. 

Individually Handcrafted

We believe in keeping each stage of our production handmade rather than bulk machine made.

A small team of us look after our glove production and all gloves are sewn by owner Sam. 

Environmentally Sustainable

We believe in using materials that offer environmental sustainability. All of our offcuts are donated to people in need to re-use and makes us next to zero waste.

The materials we source are superior in quality, but also environmentally conscious. 

Premium Qualities

We believe in using materials that facilitate longevity, durability and your safety. All of our gloves feature 100% cotton outers and a bamboo wadding internally for the most sustainable, durable and antibacterial gloves. 

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