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Our "Piwakawaka" glove translates to "Fantail” in Maori - apart of our NZ range. 


Country co. range is individually handcrafted in NZ, made using premium materials including natural fibres of bamboo in a wadding providing antibacterial properties commercial gloves do not typically offer. All of our range has 100% cotton outers and are double lined for premium heat resistance. They are lined with a layer of metalized polyester and a layer of 50/50 cotton bamboo wadding. Our range feature a lace detail on the pockets and are designed to embrace a 'country feel' as they are produced at home on the greenest pastures of our Waikato dairy farm in NZ.

All unique in patterns and colours, our range of double oven gloves are often limited to small numbers per design. While no two often look alike, the variation within the range provides flexibility to find a design that suits every cook, kitchen or home. Perfect for gift ideas or to add a personable and country flare to every kitchen.

Our Materials

We aspire to utilise the best quality materials we can source to contribute to a premium product with a point of difference to other standard oven gloves. While our gloves feature beautiful designs, there are more features than meet the eye within the gloves that provide for sustainable production, using mainly natural fibres for safety and durability. All of our gloves integrate a bamboo lining to bring you unique benefits like no others. Bamboo/Cotton wadding made of natural, sustainable fibres. Bamboo provides antibacterial properties, is insulative and is useful against sensitive skin, while cotton helps absorb excess moisture to prevent heat travelling through the gloves to your hands.

As all products are individually handcrafted, there will likely be variation in the placements of materials on each glove. Embrace this uniqueness and have it a reminder these are handcrafted, not bulk machine manufactured.


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