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Catering Services

To us, catering is more than creating goods in bulk enough to feed a crowd. It's about carefully crafting and curating a culinary experience that should be unforgettable in the joy and delight the food brings. A tailored service aimed to bring warmth, togetherness and connection to those who surround it. At Country Co. we are passionate about bringing quality, homemade goods to your intimate gatherings or grand events. 

Let us bring contentment and happiness with those we gather with, always. 

Sweet Boxes

Satisfy your sweetest cravings with a selection of handcrafted treats and homemade delights. Perfect with a cuppa to finish on, pair with our savoury boxes or on their own. 

Savoury Boxes

Elevate your events and corporate gatherings with our bite sized savoury delights. Whether it's a small scale gathering or celebration, to a larger scale event, our home style savouries and finger foods will leave a lasting impression. 

Accomodation Boxes

Enhance your stay with our intimately designed accomodation boxes, crafted to provide a taste of luxury and comfort for your time away. Wake up to delightful breakfast boxes, or unwind with an evening snack. Perhaps finish with a delicacy for dessert

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